The Saints scored 46 points against the vaunted 49ers defense, but the claaasic saints defense of old made an appearance and gave up 48. Despite the loss, it's not all doom and gloom as the Saints still sit at 10-3. It's just the twosome tonight, with You as our special guest. Join the party and listen to the guys talk about the game, your tweets, Jeff gets his sons involved, pickems, then some final thoughts.

The Saints carve up the Falcons for Thanksgiving, leading to an NFC epic battle with the 49ers next week. Jeff and Jason welcome an old friend, Blaine, to the podcast - who offers a slightly elevated opinion on things.

It's Thanksgiving, and the Donkeys welcome back another founding member of the pod as Adam makes his triumphant return. The boys recap the win against the Panthers, look at your tweets, talk about NFL officiating, get to Pickems, and preview the Falcons game Thanksgiving night. Falcon hate week is back again.

The Saints right the ship in Tampa, leaving no question that this team is destined for greatness. We welcome Courtney (@CloBubba on Twitter), an original founding father of the Dome Patrol Podcast to talk about the Saints, upcoming Panthers game, officiating in the NFL, and the Garrett/Rudolph situation from last week.

The Saints lost focus after the bye week, and we try to find an explanation as to how that might have happened. But there is cause for some celebration in Louisiana after LSU defeated Alabama on Saturday. This week's guest: Scott

As Louisiana prepares for rival weekend, the donkeys welcome Luke Chevalier, sports writer and LSU journalism student to talk about the Saints and the Tigers, including lots of gumbo from Coach O.

Drew Brees returns to the starting lineup and silences the doubters. Gunn returns to the Dome Patrol Podcast and explains what is wrong with NFL officiating, how amazing this year's Saints team is, and what's so special about the offensive line.

The New Orleans Saints completely shut down the Chicago Bears so much that the donkeys celebrated by inviting Dave Romero from the BS & Beer Podcast to talk about the Saints - past, present, and future.

Following the Saints / Jaguars game, the donkeys welcome Scott Greenbaum back to the show to talk about the offensive struggles, the amazing defense, LSU, Pelicans, Tweets, Pickems, and to preview teh Saints Bears matchup next week.

Saints fans have gone from arguing whether he should be paid $7M, to debating between him and Taysom, to chanting his name. We discuss the breakout performance of Teddy Bridgewater against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, what that means for Drew Brees' return, and the great coaching job and team unity from Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints! 

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