With a week to go before the Dome Patrol's Live Stream Draft Party next Thursday, Jeff, James, Scott, and Jason shared their final thoughts about what the Saints might do, as well as this new Kevin James movie featuring Sean Payton's story.

James & Ben have the great Billy Gunn on the show to discuss the killing of the beautiful game that we know and love today. THIS PODCAST WAS RECORDED BEFORE GREEDY C*NTS WITHDREW FROM THE ESL, 

Better late than never!!! Episode 13 is getting out to you a little late this week but it will get you caught up on all the things LSU that you may have missed while Scott was away on vacation. 

Due to the lack of Saints news, Jeff and Jason meandered into a full tin foil conspiracy conversation about how the outcome of games could be impacted by players gambling, officials' bias, or the NFL's agenda. Don't worry, it's not alien probe level stuff. There's also a segment on the proposed NFL rule changes for 2021, and Jason gets excited about the Masters.

This week in lieu of a live guest we revisit some favorite moments from the first 23 episodes of Taking the Over along with following up on the Pelicans Over totals and can I pick the winner of The Masters two tournaments in a row? Tune in for a very special episode.

With only about $3 to spend, there haven't been many free agency moves by the saints other than a bunch of cuts. But the Donkeys still got together to talk about the new additions, Lattimore's arrest, Saints QB's of all time, and a little #saintstwitter discussion.

Join Scott as he talks about LSU Football Pro Day and LSU Baseball... There may or may not be a rant in there... Also wish Scott luck as he enters the "Death Tube" on his way to Disney World... Could this be the LAST Tiger's Den Episode EVER??!!! 

Cedric stops by to talk the worst part of a manufacturer of books' job. A glitch in the matrix on Pelicans overs? The kids are alright, just let them have snake. And finally: Alpacas are magic and so is their manure.

Pelican Plunge

Ben & Jason decided that it's time to start talking about the Pelicans because they're finally worth talking about!

Join Scott as he discusses what seems to be a plague of incompetence with LSU and their coaches. Also what could possibly make Scott cry at the Happiest Place on Earth??!!



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