It wasn't supposed to be like this, but here we are. This sucks.

Join Scott in his first episode!!! We talk Tigers Football, Basketball, Baseball and a little Gymnastics!!!

NFL Divisional Playoffs are upon us. Scott joins the pod to find our Cameo for the show and pick some winners.

David, Heath and Wesley talk Saints football

The Saints beat the Bears in the Wild Card playoff game by taking advantage of great coaching adjustments during halftime. With the full offensive roster in tact, the team held the ball for the majority of the second half, propelling them into a Divisional round against the Bucs next week.

It was a close first half, but the Saints pulled away in the 2nd half as the offense comes to life and the defense continues to suffocate. The boys hop on for the instant reaction to the playoff win.

Finally James & Ben sit back down to find time to sit back down and discuss the premier league (Lockdown has some uses) the guys go through and discuss their thoughts on every team in the League so far this season. 

It's a meeting of the ex-presidents club and fantasy football excellence when Rusty stops by to talk NFL Super Wild Card Weekend and a crazy day in American history.


The Saints finish the 2020 season at 12-4 after easily beating the Panthers. Now join the full crew of donkeys as they give their final thoughts on the game, NFL Reach Around, Pickems, and preview the Wild Card game against the Bears.

David, Heath and Wesley talk Saints football.  Recap the Saints win over the Panthers and the upcoming playoffs.

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