Devin from the Hold the Mayo multimedia brand stops by to talk week 12 NFL spreads, podcasting, UFC & Tyson vs. Jones and living in the greatest city in the world.

David and Heath discuss Saints win over the Falcons

Well, that was something, wasn't it? Nobody knew what to expect and there was so much nervous entry for this game. And the Saints won by double digits. 2020, right? Come have some fun.

Jeff, James, Jason, and Scott saw the rumors about Taysom Hill taking first string snaps and needed to discuss their takes on what this might mean for Sunday's game against the Falcons.

Billy Gunn welcomes Dome Patrol founding member Jeff to talk week 11 NFL as well as projectile poultry. 

David Romero and Scott Greenbaum from the Dome Patrol Podcast talk about the Saints win over the 49ers Sunday.

Enjoy this minimally edited audio version of this week's Facebook live stream where Jeff, Jason, and Scott discuss the 49ers game, the plethora of injuries, Drew Brees and the Saints QB situation for the remainder of the season, Pickems, and we launch Falcons Hate Week!

The Saints fell behind early but came back for a good win vs the 49ers, but it may have come at a huge cost. Once again SF sends us away with injuries. Here's our instant reaction.

The boys get together to give their final thoughts on the big win vs the Bucs, do a little NFL Reach Around, pickems, then preview the 49ers game.

This week's guest drops in to talk Week 10 NFL action.  Masters bets are discussed.  Someone takes an UNDER.  Chaos ensues.

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