I don't think a lot of us expected to win this game, but we also didn't expect to have this be a winnable game that the Saints blew. Although, I'm sure some of us did actually expect that, but the frustration was evident as a winnable game presented itself, but the 2022 Saints did what they always do, and not take advantage.

2023 Saintsgiving

The Saints actually won a game, which puts us all in a good mood for Saintsgiving. In this episode, we wrap up our thoughts on the Saints win against the Rams, then discuss the upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers...and the QB situation with Jameis Winston. 

The Saints put together a nice game and beat the Rams. We'd all prefer beating them in 2018 but this will do. Wins are always nice, despite how we really see the state of the organization. I guess let's just enjoy any win we can get and see where the season goes.

Oh No We Suck Again

It's official - the Saints are a bad team, led by a bad coach, appointed by a bad GM in a bad organization. Time to accept reality and start calling people out.

What else can be said at this point? We know who and what the Saints are, and it's not good. But we're still here to get you through the latest loss, this one to the Steelers 20-10 in Pittsburgh. The time of reckoning is here.

Halfway through the season, the Saints are 3-6. The guys decided to take stock in what we've seen so far and try to find ways to enjoy the rest of the season. Then they talk about this week's Steelers game, go through pickems, and give some final thoughts.

If there was any hope for the season, this loss to the Ravens probably killed it. The Saints were dominated in time of possession and weren't really in this game despite the score being relatively close. The Saints just aren't a good football team.

A Donkey Halloween

The boys have calmed down a bit since the instant reaction show, and they give some final thoughts on the Raiders win, try to figure out if this play is sustainable, and go through pickems. Happy Halloween!

I think that's what a lot of us expected from this defense to start the season, but it only took 8 weeks to get there. Despite that, this win puts the Saints in good position to win the crappy NFC South standing at 3-5 after 8 games. Here's our instant reaction, which is a bit more fun than the last few.

White Rice QB

Andy Dalton was named the starter of the Saints over a "healthy" Jameis Winston. The Dome Patrol Podcast continues to search for clues as to what is going on within the Saints organization and whether mediocrity is the new strategy.

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