In this Episode Scott discusses LSU Football signings, LSU Basketball's inconsistency, LSU Baseball's opening Series and lack of baserunning skills, and LSU Gymnastics. If you've ever pulled a muscle in your back simply by standing up... than this is the episode for YOU!!!

Join Scott in the latest Episode of The Tiger's Den!! We discuss LSU football, LSUs BIG win over Tennessee in Basketball, Preview the new LSU Baseball infield lineup and pitching rotation, and of course LSU Gymnastics!!!!


Join Scott as he discusses LSU, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Gymnastics!!

Don't miss his RANT about the new Les Miles incident!! IT IS MUST LISTEN!!

UK Superfan and Dome Patrol United member Ben stops by to recap the season, talk about soccer wagers, and pontificate about Saints futures bets, real and imaginary.

On this Episode Scott talks LSU Football News, Rants about how bad LSU Basketball has been, Previews LSU Baseball Infield and talks some Gymnastics!!

James & Ben are back to talk about the first major casualty in the league with the sacking of Frank Lampard and also the another one that might be round the corner plus your usual premier League waffle.  

The premier gambling event of the year, SUPER BOWL, is upon us. It's time to find the best money making props of the 1,512 available.  We really also love space, rockets, mullets, and decreeing that RobinHood's new mascot should be the mice they used to test Chantix on. 

After digesting the end of the Saints season, the Donkeys are back to over-analyze the Saints QB situation (prior to the Stafford trade) and pickems for the Super Bowl.

Join Scott in the Tiger's Den to discuss all things LSU!! In this Episode Scott talks Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, Beach Volleyball (Yes you read that correct) and Gymnastics!!!

Long time friend Cedric stops by to take me to school on cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, alt-coins, market strategies and ABSOLUTELY NO FOOTBALL. ok, maybe a little football. WARNING, potentially difficult concepts ahead. and NO FOOTBALL this week.

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