First 30 mins: Road Trip Recap. Game Recap starts around the 30 min mark, followed by pickems (featuring Uncle Baby Billy), then Saints Preview!


Slightly later but better late than never? James hosts the DPU hero's live from the stadium after the Saints beat themselves again with a helping hand from the officials (I know what a surprise!) 

Join Scott as he discusses the LSU loss to Alabama, the GREAT start to the Men's and Women's Basketball Season, and Signing Day at LSU!!!


UK Saints super-fan and general degenerate Ben stops by to do most of the heavy lifting wager-wise this week as Gunn prepares one large "insurance bet" for Saints vs Nashville.  Our Cameo Queen for 2021, Tonya Harding is crowned and has a special message for our host (spoiler alert, she loves him)

David, Heath and Wesley talk Saints football

Twas the night before OBJ's mid-season free agency decision, and everybody's got a wish list of what they'd like to see happen.  We recap the Saints vs the Falcons, and look onward to Nashville where we'll go see the Saints tackle the Titans.

Another interesting game in the Saints-Falcons rivalry as the Saints looked dead for 3 quarters only to come alive in the 4th, and yet still blow it in classic Saints fashion. Here's our instant reaction.

Scott and Wes discuss LSUs loss to Ole Miss, more Next Coach speculation, preview the colossal destruction that will be LSU vs Bama, and begin to discuss LSU Basketball!!


It's been awhile but we are back with all the news from the Premier League! 

It's that time of year again! The annual "cameo bet" episode is upon us, and Troy stops by to vet the candidates, talk NFL Week 9 with "Saints Expert" Billy Gunn. Why isn't anybody talking about Jameis and what's so remarkable about monkeys and pole assassins anyway?  Tune in to find out!

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