With ESPN re-airing the 2006 Monday night game against the Falcons, the boys decided to hop on during halftime of the broadcast to talk about their memories of the game, of that season, and then some other random stuff. It was a throwback Monday, with drinks flowing and an original Dome Patrol member getting back on the show. Hope everyone's doing ok out there.

Jeff, Jason, and Scott talk about the merge, Tony, Rob/Tyson, and a general theory on old school vs. new school style of play.

Jeff, Jason, and Scott have a difference of opinion about Sandra's decision.

Reaction to Michelle's impact on Wendell.

Fire tokens continue to impact the game.

Why didn't we get to see everyone's reaction to seeing the new tribes.


Just after the first free agency episode, Sean Payton announced that he has Covid-19 - and the Saints sign Emmanuel Sanders. A QB hypothetical debate emerged on Saints Twitter - Jeff, Jason, and Scott share their views on all this and more.


Like everyone else in the Survivor-verse, Jeff, Jason, and Scott are completely shocked by what could go down as the greatest move in Survivor history...depending on what side of the vote you were on! This season continues to deliver the goods while demonstrating how important it is to evolve and adapt.

Despite all the uncertainty in the world, the 2020 NFL free agency season began on schedule, and there was a ton of news to distract us from everything else. Jeff, Scott, James and Ben, with a short appearance from Jason, got together to talk about all the Saints and NFL free agency news.

The entire world has been turned on its head as all major sports have been postponed or cancelled due to the Corona Virus. Jason, James, Ben, and Ash go through all the various sports and talk about what happens next and what we'll be doing until things hopefully get back to normal in a few months.

Jeff, Jason, and Scott discuss the latest episode of Survivor. ***SPOILERS*** 

Does the tribe swap & tribal council change your perception of the players? What more can be learned from the contrast between old school and new school style of play?

The Pelicans get some revenge against the T Wolves with a big win to start the 4 game west coast road trip. It was an up and down week with some bad losses followed by some good wins. This inconsistency is maddening, and the boys think a lot of it has to do with poor coaching, especially at the top. Jason and Ben discuss that as well as where the Pels are going in the near future. The playoff push continues.

Jeff, Jason, Scott, and James get together to talk about upcoming free agency and what positions the Saints should target. Don't worry, no mock drafts here.

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