With little movement going on in football, the donkeys focus more on the Pelicans and the Game of Thrones series finale.

The 3rd (of 3) part of last week's live-stream episode...published separately to help you avoid spoilers. This episode is 100% Avengers: Endgame conversation.

Spoiler Alert! Make sure you've watched the Battle of Winterfell before listening to this episode. This is the Game of Thrones segment from our May 1 live-stream. You have been warned!

We broke up this week's episode into 3 smaller episodes so that you can avoid Endgame & Game of Thrones spoilers. This episode is only about the NFL / Saints draft...and was recorded during the live-stream on our Facebook page.

Join Jeff and Damon as they overanalyze the 2019 New Orleans Saints schedule and react to comments made by fans on Facebook. (this episode was recorded on Facebook Live)

With the slow news around the Saints and the NFL, the donkeys spend an appropriately long amount of time talking about Tiger Woods during this edited version of the live-stream episode that aired Tuesday night on our Facebook page. After your tweets, stick around for a spoiler-filled segment on Game of Thrones. We apologize for Jeff's audio during Game of Thrones.

Free agency is here, and the saints gained some players, while lost some others, including Mark Ingram. The Donkeys welcome two-time pickems winner WhoDat Fitz to the show to go over the moves, talk about your tweets, he goes through the gauntlet, and the boys wrap up with some MCU talk.

Robert Kraft and Damon have something in common. What better topic to cover on the 2019 Mardi Gras episode?

The Donkeys are back, and reflect on the past few weeks. 2019 hasn't been great so far. The boys talk about what they did on a Sunday in February, go over the AD saga, talk a bit about the AAF, then close it out with some tangents.

349 - Robbery

The Saints once again get fucked by the NFL. What else is there to say really? Jeff went full conspiracy theory, while Jason and Damon tried to give more rational takes. This one hurts.

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