Join Jeff, Jason, and Scott with another week of Survivor talk. The Edge of Extinction challenge left Ethan on the ... edge - of - extinction. Meanwhile, what will become of the old-schoolers, now that it appears they're the target at both camps?

LSU - Jump!

Jeff & Scott make the rounds about campus, starting with Joe Burrow's hands & the NFL combine, and on to LSU basketball, baseball, softball - and finally - Gymnastics! Yes - Jeff watched - and you can hear his reaction to what he saw!

Jeff, Jason, and Scott talk Zion & the Pelicans chances down the home stretch. What's it gonna take to make the playoffs and how bright the future appears to be, regardless of what happens. Oh, and the Lakers game happened.

Jeff, Jason, and Scott discuss Redemption Island, Fire Tokens, and each tribe's status after a riveting tribal council in Week 3's Survivor episode. Will Rob be able to recover from the loss of an alliance member? 

James & Ben are joined this week by die hard Everton Fan and friend of the show Chris Coy to look back at another week in the Premier League and all the VAR that went with it. 

Jeff, Jason, and Scott discuss week 2 of the Survivor season: Winners at War. What's up with the bottom-feeders always finding idols. Scott wants to know how idols work. Jason wants to know how the tokens work. Jeff wants to know what the hell Dani was thinking!

Jeff, Jason, and Scott get together to talk Pelicans, NBA allstars, and of course, expectations for the remainder of the season, Zion, and the future.


James & Ben react to the big news of Manchester City being banned for 2 years by UEFA for breaking FFP and also look back at the last week of games

Jeff, Ben, James, Jason, and Scott all hopped on as Drew Brees announced that he's going to make another run at it in 2020. The conversation hovers around Brees' return and its impact on the Saints free agency, draft implications, and a few other quarterbacks in the NFL from Derek Carr to Tom Brady.

Jeff, Scott, and Jason talk about LSU football, LSU basketball, baseball, and even gymnastics. It's an all-LSU sports episode for those of you who love the purple & gold!

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